Wilvo Yamaha ima novog člana za MXGP klasu

MXGP klasa u 2018. godini će biti veoma zanimljiva. Tako imamo KTM koji će imati dva jako impresivna vozača za naslov prvaka, zatim Tima Gajsera iz HRC Honde, Febvrea iz Yamahe, a tu su također i drugi timovi. Nažalost, od iduće godine ne postoji tvornički Suzuki tim kojeg su Suzuki i Stefan Everts morali zatvoriti. Koji su točno razlozi zatvaranja su još uvijek u tajnosti, ali to znači da su nekoliko dobrih vozača ostali na tržištu, poput Jeremy Seewer-a.

I tu je ono gdje nastupa Wilvo Yamaha, satelitski Yamahin tim koji ima tvorničku podršku po pitanju određenih dijelova, ali se još uvijek može smatrati privatnim timom. Dvostruki viceprvak MX2 klase je potpisao ugovor koji ga veže za Wilvo Yamaha tim na dvije godine. 

Tako će u 2018 godini tim imati tri vozača u MXGP klasi, a to su Seewer, Tonus i Simpson, a sva tri vozača su itekako sposobna za dobar rezultat. Kao i uvijek, rezultati će pokazati koliko su zaista sposobni.

Jeremy Seewer – “I am happy that Yamaha had interest in me immediately because I feel like I have a bit of a connection with them through my support network and iXS, my gear brand. This made the decision to sign with Yamaha really easy. I have been to the Wilvo Yamaha team’s headquarters in The Netherlands and it looked really good to me. It seems they have big plans for the future. It’s not like they only want to be involved for a few years, they’ve really invested and have a strong plan to be successful. They are so passionate about motocross and very professional and that’s why it made an easy decision to choose this team. I’ve already been riding on Arnaud Tonus’ bike, which was a bit strange because I have been riding a different manufacturer my whole life. Changing to Yamaha I was really excited and interested to know how it will be. I was so surprised at how my first ride on the bike went. After a few laps, I felt at home already and that was without making any changes to the bike. I didn’t even change the handlebars or anything, I just rode it how Arnaud rides it. It was quite funny; with no changes I could already throw some scrubs and stuff after only a few laps. I felt good immediately; it’s a good bike. I will only need to make some changes to make it more comfortable for me and to suit my riding style, but I already know the base is really good.” 

Erik Eggens – Yamaha Motor Europe MX Racing Manager – “This is a very exciting signing for Yamaha and also for the team at Wilvo Yamaha Official MXGP. Jeremy is one of the most talented and strongest riders to come out of MX2, which everyone knows as he was the vice world champion twice in a row over the last two years. He has been strong and consistent and I am confident that he is a rider who will achieve a lot in the MXGP class. Obviously the first year he will need to learn the bike, team and since it’s his first season in MXGP, he will need to learn the new class too.  We have already seen him out on the 450 at The Nations and a couple of other times, so I am confident he will do well.” 

Louis Vosters – Wilvo Yamaha Official MXGP Team Owner – “I am happy and proud to welcome Jeremy Seewer to the team at Wilvo Yamaha MXGP. As a two-time vice World Champion in the MX2 class and with five GP wins in the last season, I am convinced that he has the ability to surprise everyone as a rookie in the MXGP class. I am also very thankful to everyone at Yamaha Motor Europe as well for making this happen. It has left us with a good feeling with Yamaha and with the team, and I feel this is another big step forward for us.”

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