Prve slike stravične ozljede Mel Pocock-a!


Na otvorenju Britanskog MX prvenstva, Mel Pocock je u jednom zavoju išao iza jednog vozača koji je pao što je uzrokovalo njegov pad i ozljedu. Međutim, kad kažemo ozljedu, mislimo na veoma veoma lošu ozljedu. Pri padu mu je lančanik uhvatio ruku nakon čega je izgubio dio prsta, ali mu je ruka uspješno spašena.

Nakon treće operacije, Pocock-u slijedi još nekoliko kako bi ozljeda bila dodatno sanirana. Ovo su njegove izjave, a ispod njih pogledajte prvu sliku nakon zadnje operacije. Oprez, slika nije baš ugodna!

15/03/15 (Dixon):

Not good news at the moment with Mel. A rider crashed in front of Mel whilst Mel was committed to the corner. It looks like the rear sprocket or handguard has lacerated his arm badly and he has lost the top of his right thumb at the knuckle. It’s not pretty and we are all in deep shock at the moment, let’s all wish the surgeons can do a great job, we are in touch with top people but at the moment he needs to be stabilised and we await the doctors news. Our hearts go out to Mel and his family who as you know have had enough injuries with Brad Pocock. Will try to keep everyone updated as we hear from his family.

16/03/15 (Dixon):

First surgery at 3am this morning to straighten Mels hand went well, surgeons meet at 9am to discuss next operation at 12 noon, Mel now remembers what happened, the bike next to him pitched up in the air and the bottom of his sprocket came down on mel like a chainsaw, he actually was still on the bike, he is with the top surgeon who know he’s a top sportsperson.

Mel had a 6 hour operation on the bones in the back of his hand, it was very crushed and many small broken pieces, also the surgeons had to operate on the arm to relieve the damage. A further 8 hours of surgery including skin graft and muscle structure is planned for Monday, we can only pray Mels strength and determination shown on the track will get him though this traumatic time. In all my years of GP’s with so many injured riders I have never seen such horrific damage, after a career best 6th overall last week in the GP to this injury is cruel justice.

18/03/15 (Pocock):

Nothing going on here today with me just resting. Tomorrow I have a nerve block in my neck for them to be able to change my dressing. Monday I will be having a 10hr operation with 4 surgeons that will determine the future with my hand. Thanks again for all the support.

Good news today I have got good feeling through all 4 of my finger tips and small movement… even feel movement in my stumpy thumb. Unreal considering how smashed my hand was.

19/03/15 (Pocock):

Had my third operation this afternoon. They have done further work on my forearm by partially closing the cut on it and they have fitted a custom splint and set my hand in a more comfortable position. I have also got a new pump in my wrist draining fluids, all in preparation for my op on Monday. Thank you again for all the support, I will be ok.

27/03/15 (Pocock):

Well then Monday’s operation went to plan. I’ve got through over 30 hours op time with no hold ups what’s amazing. They took muscle and skin from my thigh and as taken well to my hand were I had none left. Got over 150 stitches in me atm. Off home today – what’s mint! The guys here have saved my hand. Got huge motivation to get back racing as what comes around goes around.

Mel Pocock