James Stewart se oglasio na presudu FIM-a

Nakon objave FIM-a o suspenziji Jamesa Stewarta na čak 16 mjeseci, mnogi su javno i to veoma jako kritizirali odluku. Čak je i službeni AMA savez poslao dopis kako je kazna neprimjerena te se traži ubrzano rješavanje pritužbe na odluku kako bi Stewart imao mogućnost natjecati se u nadolazećoj sezoni. Nije bilo teško šutjeti dugi niz mjeseci, s obzirom da je morao šutjeti do službene odluke o kazni, Stewart se napokon javno oglasio vezano za cijelu situacij što možete pročitati dolje.

The last 8 months have been very tough & honestly devastating to a degree. The Love & support Ive received from the industry & my sponsors has been truly amazing. They’re has been a lot of athletes very vocal over this decision & I truly appreciate it tremendously. I’m extremely sorry that it’s come down to this but it has shown me just how much this industry stands up for each other through tough situations. To my fans… I’m not gonna lie after receiving this devastating news last Friday, I was honestly contemplating retiring, I felt like I couldn’t fight anymore. This situation has taken a toll on me. But The support from you the fans this last 24hrs has had me nearly in tears. Reading the comments & seeing all the overwhelming letters, signs, shirts, etc has made me ready to fight & show you the fans & my sponsors what you deserve. Thanks to all of you Im gonna be around for a long time to come. Your support showed me how much you guys appreciate me so with that being said, it’s gonna take a lot more then this to run me off. Thank you for literally keeping me on my bike for years to come. The louder you guys are, the more it makes me ready to be back for you. I hear you loud & clear so no matter what you will see me behind the gate doing what I love hopefully sooner than later